Installing imagick for php on windows under xampp

Few days ago i was in need of installing  imagick in windows to make it work under xampp. Default installation of xampp  doesn't contains imagick . To make imagick work on windows you need both extension and imagick  binaries 

 it was easy to setup xampp + imagick  in my linux vps . but quite hard on my windows laptop . ok its not hard but there's limited information about how to set it up.  

i tried the obvious way and it crashed php-cgi.  

by doing some research i found that all image magick distribution after version under windows are compiled with vc10 instead of vc9 . as xampp is compiled in vc9 it didn't worked with the latest version imagick . 

the solution is use the older version.

so in order to make it work  first download 

  1. Xampp latest version, thread safe and compiled  with  with vc9 from here .  i am using version 1.7.7 
  2. Get the imagick extension for php form get the latest one and obviously  vc9 ts version 
  3. Get the old build of imagick from here make sure its  or under and windows dll. i am using   ImageMagick-6.6.4-0-Q16-windows-dll.exe

Now its time to install .

1. Install xampp . 

2. then  ImageMagick 

installing image magick

during the install make sure  Add application directory to your system path is selected

3. put the php_imagick_ts.dll inside xampp\php\ext folder .

4. edit your php.ini and add this at the end of the file


restart apache from xampp control panel. 


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